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Welcome to my first giveaway everybody! I’ve been looking for a way to thank my followers, and I think this is it! I am giving away handmade Lilly Pulitzer letters in your initials, requested initials, or Greek letters! 
How to Enter:
Must be following me!
I will ship to anywhere in the U.S.
One reblog = One entry! Reblog as many times as you’d like!
Get 3 extra entries by following my instagram and messaging me your username!
Get 3 additional entries by subscribing to my youtube channel and messaging me your username!
I will be handwriting each entry as the contest goes along, and it will end on October 1st! Expect a picture of my giveaway jar so you can see that I’ve kept my promise. I will be pulling a name and messaging the winner on October 1st! 

will never get tired of this skirt or this view #EDSFTG 🐳 #ootd

Going to college is so weird because I can’t stop crying but I’m also extremely happy about leaving


~~sO cOlLeGe?~